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Eagle student
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Eagle Student
"I was born and raised in Harlem by my mom. She had me when she was a teenager, only a couple of years older than I am now. I've never met my dad. I always had drive but I didn't know how to apply it. School just wasn't a focus until I transferred to Eagle Academy.



Growing up, I did everything on my own. I didn't really know what family was until I got to Eagle. At my old school, I was just a number. At Eagle, everyone knows my name-the network of support is incredible. Everyone is preparing you to compete.

At Eagle, I chased my education and every opportunity I could get my hands on at Eagle. Writing classes on Saturday, Debate prep, Outward Bound community service and Summer programs. One teacher stayed with me until past 9 pm to work on an essay for a scholarship application. Teachers at Eagle-they really care!"

Eagle Graduate
"Every day I thank my Eagle teachers for preparing me for the rigors of college. College course work is heavy and it is challenging, but thanks to my Eagle education I know I can handle it. My strong work ethic and my belief in myself as a student were established at Eagle by my dedicated Eagle teachers. Thanks to Eagle, I know I can succeed."

Eagle Parent
"It takes more of a commitment from everyone involved to be a part of the Eagle family, but it's worth it. Now, I feel the Eagle Academy is a part of our family. My son is exposed to opportunities that he never would have been before. They challenge him, and he soars!"

Eagle Classroom Teacher
"You can't believe the life challenges Eagle students have faced by the time they are twelve. They are survivors. As an Eagle Academy teacher, my job is to take that will to survive and help Eagle Academy students apply it to school and to growing up as an upright, good man. You can measure their achievement as they grow up before your eyes. They enter as boys and graduate as young men with bright futures. I am so proud to be part of the Eagle Academy."








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“It takes more of a commitment from everyone involved
to be a part of the Eagle family, but it's worth it.”
- Eagle parent.
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